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4 Common Types of Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City

Types of Bail Bonds in Oklahoma CityThere are currently four types of bail bonds available in Oklahoma City. Defendants are typically given the choice between surety bail bonds, cash bonds, property bonds, or personal recognizance (also known as own recognizance).

4 Types of Bail Bonds in Oklahoma City

The cases in which each of the four types of bail listed below are all circumstantial depending on the stipulations of the trial as well as the discretion of the presiding judge.

Surety Bonds in Oklahoma City

By law, the bail amount in any given case should not be excessive to the point where it is impossible to pay off. The punishment must appropriately fit the alleged crime. Nonetheless, defendants are often unable to produce the money within the given deadline as it can range anywhere from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. That is when the defendant or their family can hire a bail bondsman to pay the bond for them. Of course, this comes with a fee of about 10-15% of the bail amount. The premium owed to the bail bondsman can either be paid upfront in full or it can be paid in instalments over an allotted period of time. This depends on the terms of the contractual agreement between the defendant and the bail bondsman.

Cash Bonds in Oklahoma

Cash bonds are exactly what they sound like. The defendant can simply pay the bail amount directly to the court in cash within a certain deadline. The main difference is that in this instance if the defendant complies with all of the stipulations of their bail throughout the course of the trial and they do not skip any of their court dates, they will be refunded the full amount. The problem is that because the bail amount often exceeds the defendant’s means, this is not always a feasible option.

Property Bonds in Oklahoma

A property bond involves using the defendant’s home or another property they own that is of equal or greater value of the bail amount as collateral. The property must be located in the state of Oklahoma. The defendant must also provide an affidavit that includes a legal property description, the status of the title, an appraisal of the property, and the amount of any liens or other financial issues regarding the property.

Release on Your Own Recognizance

Personal or own recognizance releases are usually issued for minor offenses such as misdemeanors only. If the nature of the alleged crime is extremely violent or the defendant poses a threat to themselves or the general public, they most likely will not be granted personal recognizance. If the defendant is granted release based upon personal recognizance, then they must sign a written agreement to the effect that they will attend all court hearings. If they fail to do so, then this bond can be rescinded and an arrest warrant will be issued by the court.

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