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6 Pieces of Information You Must Provide to a Bail Bondsman in Cleveland County, OK

Bail Bondsman in Cleveland CountyIt’s understandable that most people have an extremely difficult time accepting and coping with the arrest of their loved one, not to mention the mounting pressures that ensue from the forthcoming legal and bail processes involved. As devastating as this news is, it’s equally important to act quickly in the wake of an arrest.

First, you need to contact your lawyer and inform them about the situation. Then, you need to contact a qualified bail bondsman who can work on your case in Cleveland County, OK. Luckily, most Cleveland County bail bond agencies are open 24/7, so you can contact them any time. However, you’ll need to compile a few pertinent pieces of case-related information prior to speaking with a bail bonds agent.

Information Your Bail Bond Agent Requires

In order to ensure accuracy, consistency, and favorable results, every bail bond company in Cleveland County requires certain information from its clients. This is standard procedure that helps the bail bondsman establish trust between their company and their clients while also doing their jobs to the best of their ability. The more detailed information you provide, the faster your bail bonds agent can get the process started, and this will also diminish the chances of any significant clerical delays within the court system.

Here is a general list of items the bail bondsmen will need you to provide before they can get to work on your loved one’s case:

Full name of the person who was arrested

Bail bond companies in Cleveland County require that you provide the arrestee’s full name as it appears on their major pieces of government-issued ID such as their driver’s license, passport, etc.

Date of birth

This information is necessary to confirm the person’s identity within the legal system. At some point, your bail bondsman will need to contact the jail where the arrestee is being detained, and the clerk who answers the phone will ask to verify this information.

Name and location of the jail

Keep in mind that many bail bond companies cater to a variety of nearby regions. They need to know exactly where your loved one is being detained. This includes the name of the facility as well as the city, state, and exact address.

Arrestee’s booking number

The bail bond agent needs this information so that they can contact the jail where your loved one is being detained in relation to the case at hand. If you don’t have this information or are unable to provide it for some reason, the bail bonds agent can obtain the booking number from the jail.

Complete list of charges

The bail bond agent will need to know the exact charges that are involved in the case so that they can provide adequate assistance.

Bail Amount

Knowing the bail amount as soon as possible is instrumental in speeding up the bail bond process because it allows the bail bond company to determine the appropriate fee to charge for your case more quickly.

Contact an Experienced Bail Bond Company in Cleveland County, OK

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