Bail Bonds 101 : How Does a Bail Bonds Company Work?

If you have been arrested and find yourself in jail, one option available to you is to ask for a bail bond. Bail bonds allow you to put up 10 percent of your overall bail in exchange for your freedom. In some cases, you can arrange for a bond before you get to jail, which can expedite the processing procedure and get you back home quickly.

A Bail Bond Is a Surety Bond

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A bail bond is simply a contract between the bail bonds company and the defendant saying that he or she will show up in court. The actual bail is usually provided by an surety company. If an individual who has a bail bond doesn’t show up to court, he or she is on the hook for the full amount of the bail. Typically, an individual is required to have a cosigner, who is also known as an indemnitor when cosigning for a bail bond.

Most Bonds Companies Ask for 10 Percent Upfront

In most cases, a bail bond provider will ask for 10 percent of the bail amount upfront. This amount is rarely refundable even if the defendant shows up for court. Most bail bonds providers will offer a variety of payment options and may even offer payment plans for those who need more time to pay their bond.

It is possible that an individual may need to secure the bond with collateral to ensure that payment is made in the event that the defendant doesn’t show up for court. This is generally true if the bond is for more than $10,000, but it could be required based on other factors to be decided when the bond agreement is made.

Bail Bonds Agents Act as a Liaison Between the State and the Surety Company

A bail bond agent is the person who will actually present the bail to the jurisdiction that has the defendant in custody. That person must be licensed by the state in which the bond is issued. In the event that the defendant does not show up for a court appearance, this person may be legally entitled to apprehend the defendant as he or she is now a fugitive from justice.

In addition, the bond that allowed the defendant to remain out of custody is no longer valid. However, it is possible to ask that a bond be reinstated if the defendant has a good reason to have failed to appear in court. For instance, if that person got into a car accident or was in the hospital, it would be reasonable to ask that the court appearance be rescheduled.

A bail bond may be a convenient option for those who want to get out of jail quickly. Within hours, a bond can be created and bail presented to the proper authorities. Once the bail has been presented, the defendant is then free to return to his or her life until his or her case has been resolved or unless the terms of the bond are violated.

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