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Need a bail bond in Bethanhy, OK? Have a friend or loved one in jail? This is why you need to call a bail bondsman that serves Bethany at (405) 605-0820, today. Our fast, friendly Oklahoma bail bonds agents are ready, nearby, and will help you get out of jail quickly with a Oklahoma County bail bond!

How can an Bethany bail bondsman help my family, friends?Bail Bonds in Oklahoma

Our Bethany bail bonds agent has already been through the process many times with bail bonds in Oklahoma County. Each Bethany bail bondsman can assist you by . . .

  • Each time you need bail bonds in Bethany, OK, an Bethany bail bondsman will initially meet with the co-signers to fill out the paperwork for your Oklahoma County bail bond.
  • Once the Bethany bail bondsman has received all of the paperwork and money and has properly assessed your case, then that bail bondsman Bethany will then go to the jail to help get your loved one out of jail
  • Once the bail bondsman has successfully posted an bail bond and your friend or family member is out of prison, then the Bethany bail bondsman will meet with everyone to finish signing the paperwork.
  • Each defendant must check in with the bail bondsman Bethany each week by phone and every month in person.
  • Every defendant must also continue to ensure that any amount he or she owes to the bail bondsman in Bethany is paid in full and as agreed.

How much money can I expect to pay for bail bonds in Bethany, OK?

Each bail bondsman in Bethany charges ten percent (10%) of the total bond amount as the bond premium. Thus, if your bail bond in Bethany is set at $10,000, you may expect to pay $1,000 as the bond premium. Of course, every bail bondsman Bethany also has a minimum Bethany bail bonds premium fee of $250.

I hear some bail bondsmen in Bethany offer bail bonds for only 5% of the total bond amounts. Is this true?

Some Bethany bail bondsmen “offer” this as a trick, but few if anyone ever qualifies for that rate. The 10% Bethany bail bonds premium fee is pretty standard through the bail bonds Bethany industry. Would you go to work for half of your current salary or hourly rate? No? No bail bondsman Bethany can really survive on a 5% bond premium fee, so please do not ask us to write your Oklahoma County bail bond for that amount.

Do I have to pay the Bethany bail bonds premium in full, or may I make payment arrangements with my bail bondsman ?

Whether or not your Bethany bail bondsman will require you to pay the bond premium amount in full or will work out other payment arrangements, depends on your individual case. Each bail bondsman Bethany carefully considers the following factors:

  • Total amount of your bail bond in Bethany, OK
  • Each defendant’s prior conviction record
  • Amount of collateral each defendant has with which to secure the bail bond in Bethany, OK
  • Whether or not the bail bondsman Bethany Oklahoma considers the defendant to be a significant flight risk (i.e., whether or not there are strong family ties in the town, job in the community, etc.)
  • Whether or not the defendant is a former client of our Bethany, OK bail bondsmen

What happens if the defendant does not pay his or her bail bondsman in Bethany, OK as agreed?

This would indeed be a very unfortunate situation for the defendant, and he or she would have to go back to jail. Please do not expect your Bethany bail bonds to write bail bonds Bethany for free. All Oklahoma County bail bondsmen have bills to pay and families to feed, too. Your bail bondsman Bethany knows that times can get tough, but if you can hold a shovel then you can work at a job. Your bail bondsmen in Bethany, Oklahoma will not come hunt your down for payment, but your Bethany bail bondsmen will find you and put you back into jail for nonpayment. No bail bondsmen Bethany can write bail bonds Bethany for free. Please pay for all of your bail bonds Canadian County on time.

How soon after the bail bondsman in Bethany, OK posts the bail bonds will my family member or loved one get out of jail?

The speed with which the defendant gets out of jail depends on where he or she is in jail at. If the bail bondsman Bethany posts a Oklahoma County bail bond for you, then the defendant will likely be out of jail within a matter of 1-3 hours. However, if the bail bondsman Bethany needs to post a bail bond, then it will most likely take 4-12 hours for the defendant to get released. Woodward Count bail bonds often get processed even faster, with the defendant getting out of jail within about 15-30 minutes!

What if it has taken more than 12 hours for the defendant to get out of jail, one the bail bondsman Bethany has posted the bond?

According to Oklahoma’s state laws, each defendant must be released from jail no later than 12 hours after the Bethany bail bondman has posted the bail bonds Bethany. If 12 hours pass and your family member or loved one is still in jail, please call your bail bondsman right away at (405) 605-0820. Your bail bondsman Bethany is allowed to speak with the supervisors at the jail, whereas everyday civilians are not. Please trust in your Bethany, Oklahoma bail bondsman to help get your friend or family member out of jail.