In most court cases, the defendants get to decide how they want to handle their bail bond payments. They can either opt for a surety bail bond, property bail bond, personal recognizance if the court permits it, or cash bail bonds if they have the means. However, there are some cases in which the court decides to issue a cash-only bond. In the state of Oklahoma, cash bonds are required by the court under very specific circumstances.

What Is a Cash-Only Bond?

Cash bail bonds are slightly different than cash-only bonds. In the former, the defendant can hire a cash bail bondsman to pay off the full amount of the bail bond to the court. The defendant then only has to pay a premium fee of 10% to 15% of the bail amount to the bail bond agent for their services.

When it comes to a cash-only bond, the defendant must pay the full bail amount to the court out of pocket. This payment is a reassurance to the court that the defendant will comply with all regulations required of them over the trial period. Serious consequences will follow if they default on this payment. Provided that the trial runs smoothly and all court orders are followed, the defendant will be reimbursed the full bail amount at the end of the trial in cash.

Reasons for Issuing Cash Bonds

Cash-only bonds are typically issued by the court in cases where the defendant is deemed an extremely unreliable repeat offender with multiple criminal records. This demonstrates to the court that the defendant is high risk and could even post a serious flight risk given their criminal history. The defendant is usually required to pay the full amount of their bail to the court by an assigned deadline or they will be arrested pending the start of their trial.

How Do Cash Bail Bonds Work?

In most cash bail bonds cases in Oklahoma, the court understands that the defendant simply does not have the financial means necessary to pay the bail amount on their own. The defendant has two options: they can either find an indemnitor or someone they trust to pay the bail amount for them or they can hire a licensed and experienced cash bail bondsman to pay the bail amount on their behalf. The latter is the preferable choice over personally paying the bail amount for two reasons. First, court cases often entail several other expensive legal fees that neither the defendant nor the indemnitor might be prepared to pay. By hiring a bail bondsman, the defendant simply has to pay the small fee to for the services provided and the bail bondsman will pay for everything else. Second, a fully licensed and experienced bail bondsman has a better understanding of the laws in their jurisdiction and surrounding areas, which means they will be better able to navigate the rules and regulations of the court system when it comes to posting bail.

Cash Bail Bondsmen in Oklahoma

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