Fugitive Recovery and Bounty Hunter as a Career Path

Fugitive Recovery and Bounty Hunter as a Career Path

While most people have a vague idea of what bounty hunters do, their specific duties and responsibilities are often a mystery. Bounty hunters are fugitive recovery agents for bail bonds and are given the responsibility to safely apprehend criminal fugitives who have posted bail, but have failed to appear in court. Most bounty hunters are […]

Knowing your rights when you get arrested is important

tornasolbroadcast.com published a helpful article on what your options are if you or a loved one has been arrested and need to get out of jail. The article discusses your rights to consult a lawyer, how much legal power the authorities have, your Miranda rights and requesting bond. Read the full article here: Important Facts[…..]

Using Social Media Helps Bail Bondsman in OKC Find & Capture Runaway Fugitive

Jonathan “Joey” Arjona was a young fugitive on the run.  Wanted by court officials in Oklahoma County for leaving the scene of an accident where someone was injured, Mr. Arjona also failed to show up for his scheduled court date.  FTL Bonding was particularly upset by the defendant’s blatant disregard for his missed court appearances. […..]

FTL Bonding OKC Can Scare Clients Away From Jumping Bond

A bail bondsman in OKC has every right and reason to want to try to scare his clients away from jumping bail.  Whenever a defendant skips out on his or her bail bonds in OKC, it can cause all kinds of problems for the bail bondsman as well as the client.  However, a bail bondsman[…..]