Difficult Decisions: When a Bail Bondsman in OKC Should Pick Up Wayward Fugitive Criminals

A bail bondsman in OKC often has a set of rules and procedures in place for when and how to return wayward defendants to custody. Each company that writes bail bonds in OKC can certainly have different rules and procedures for how they go about the entire recovery process.  A bail bondsman in OKC who is in any business for any length of time usually has a set of established best practices that he or she uses for each area of his or her business.  FTL Bonding explores the area of fugitive recover in greater depth . . .

OKC Bail Bond Companies

Most companies that write bail bonds in OKC require their clients to call and check in every week.  In addition, those that write bail bonds in OKC usually have their clients come by their offices to physically check in once a week or perhaps only once a month.  If the clients of a bail bondsman in OKC fail to follow these simple precautionary steps though, then the bail bondsman in OKC should probably go ahead and return them to custody.

If the clients do not care about breaking one or two simple rules, then they may try to pull other stunts and violate other policies that the bail bondsman in OKC has already set into place.  What is more, if customers think that they can get away with these shenanigans with one bail bondsman in OKC, then they are more likely to believe that they can do this for all of their bail bonds in OKC. This could indeed prove to be detrimental to the client’s current bail bondsman in OKC, as well as to every other agent who writes bail bonds in OKC.

Sometimes clients will also change their phone numbers or residences without prior notice to their bail bondsman in OKC. Others will let their phones get disconnected, without first notifying their bail bondsman OKC.  This is a breach of trust and a violation of the bail bonds in OKC contract between the bail bondsman in OKC and his or her client.  A bail bondsman in OKC might first provide a verbal or written warning to the client before taking the defendant back to jail, while others will immediately return the client to custody without hesitation of any kind.

Anyone who has ever worked as a bail bondsman in OKC for very long has probably had clients who have wanted to pay the bond premium over time.  Many defendants simply do not have very much money, and sometimes people just need time to pay things out.  However, some defendants will simply “forget” about their bail bondsman in OKC right after they get out of jail.  This could happen for many reasons.

Some clients go back onto the street and begin using drugs again.  Others get their bail bonds in OKC and then just do not care about their bail bondsman in OKC anymore.  Once some defendants are out of jail, and as long as they stay out they could care less about anyone but themselves.  Still other bail bonds in OKC customers are struggling to find jobs with which to help repay their bond premiums.  Indeed, there can be many factors which influence why some defendants do not repay their bail bondsman in OKC on time.

Regardless of the reasons, those who write bail bonds in OKC also have to eat.  They have to pay bills and taxes, too.  A bail bondsman in OKC simply cannot work for free, and defendants who do not even attempt to repay their bail bondsman in OKC should definitely stay in jail.

How many potential clients call from jail saying, “Please just get me out of here, and I promise my family will pay my bond premium for me”?  Most times a bail bondsman in OKC who tries to assist this kind of clientele will find that it goes badly for the bail bondsman in OKC. Those writing bail bonds in OKC should certainly avoid these situations.

Other reasons which might warrant returning a defendant to custody might also include, but are not limited to: clients who tell lies; defendants who break the law; customers who get new charges added onto their cases for other offenses; defendants who begin using drugs again.  There is no valid reason for a bail bondsman in OKC to continue to allow a customer who has committed one of the aforementioned bail bonds in OKC offenses to continue to stay out on bond.  If the client begins lying, using drugs, committing other crimes, etc., then he or she needs to go back to jail.

There are many reasons why a bail bondsman in OKC might need to consider returning defendants to custody.  On one hand, a bail bondsman in OKC likely wants his or her customers to stay out of jail and continue to remain clients for many years. Bringing people back in too quickly or treating them in a harsh manner is not only mean and unprofessional, but it makes bad business sense.  On the other hand, clients need to follow the rules.  Bail bonds in OKC are not cheap and come with sets of guidelines that all clients should follow.  Of course, it is sometimes wise to consider extenuating circumstances, the size of the bond, a client’s past history, etc.  A bail bondsman in OKC needs to carefully discern what works best and should use that strategy to guide his or her future best business practices.