Drunk Driving And Domestic Abuse Cases Increase During The Holidays

The holidays provide an opportunity to get together with friends and loved ones to spend precious time with one another. However, it’s also a time when alcohol consumption rises significantly. Alcohol Monitoring Systems observed 360,000 people at high risk for drunk driving, and it revealed that, during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons, violations increased by 33 percent. Not to mention, the District Alliance for Safe Housing also reports that, around New Year’s Day, there is consistently an increase in victims seeking a safe haven away from a drunken abuser. During this time of year, there are some tips to follow to ensure you make safer and more healthful decisions to make the most of the time you spend with loved ones.

Control Your Environment

Anyone who knows they’re prone to go overboard when it comes to alcohol consumption should never rely on their willpower to control themselves during the holidays. Therefore, it’s crucial that you do what you can to control your environment. For example, if you’re invited out to celebrate with friends and family where you know there will be heavy amounts of alcohol readily available, suggest they instead come to your home where you can better control the amount served.

Assign a Watchdog

Assign a trusted loved one to monitor your intake during the holiday season. In some cases, they may need to ensure you don’t pick up a drink at all. It all depends on your tendencies. It’s important to express your concerns with them in advance so they understand exactly what kind of limitations they should help you set.

Don’t Get Started Too Early

If you’re prone to drink too much, it’s never a good idea to get started early. This often leads to becoming drunk, and you put yourself at a much higher risk of diminishing your judgment to a point where you engage in illegal behavior. If you do plan to drink, start at a later time, and always ensure you have a designated driver to get you home safely when the festivities are over.

Use a Smaller Glass

Just as using a smaller plate can result in eating less, it’s been shown that using a smaller container while drinking can have a similar effect. So, rather than reaching for a pint, have a glass, and always go for singles rather than doubles.

Drink Water

Not only does water help keep you hydrated while drinking, but it also keeps you occupied and allows the body to keep up with your intake. Drink slowly, and have a glass of water between alcoholic beverages.

When Troubles Do Arise

Let’s face it. We all make mistakes. If alcohol drove you to commit domestic abuse or resulted in a drunk driving offense, you face some serious challenges in the days, weeks, and even months ahead. You can get back on the right track, however, and the first step is to find a reputable bail bonds company to get you out of jail. They can help you get out at a much lower price than your bail provided you show up to your court hearing as promised. This allows you to take care of the many things you’ll need to do to get your life back on track.



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