Oklahoma bail bonds processThe laws that dictate the various Oklahoma bail bonds processes are straightforward. Defendants have a number of options that they can take advantage of if they are so inclined. If they can afford to pay their own bail without jeopardizing the state of their finances or diminishing their ability to afford legal representation, they can pay a cash bond to the court which will be reimbursed at the end of the trial, provided the defendant has complied with all legal requirements throughout the course of the trial. Unfortunately, most people cannot afford to pay the bail amount in a lump sum by the assigned deadline, and that is why they seek the financial assistance of a bail bondsman. Before hiring a bail bondsman, it is important to understand how bail bonds work in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Bail Bonds Process

Every Oklahoma bail bondsman is required to abide by very rigid Oklahoma bail bond laws and rules. The bail bonds process in Oklahoma City (OKC) must be implemented following strict procedures to ensure that all trials within the same category are treated equally and fairly. Of course, in some cases, exceptions must be made.


Until bail is posted, the court has full custody of the defendant, before their guilt or innocence has even been determined. The point of posting bail is to ensure that the defendant is not forced to be prematurely incarcerated. The defendant can either appoint a trusted family member to act as their Indemnitor and pay a cash bond directly to the court on their behalf or the Indemnitor can pay a premium fee (usually about 10% to15% of the bail amount) to the bail bondsman, and the bail bondsman will pay the remaining amount. The defendant must follow all rules set out by the bail bondsman or else the bondsman has the authority to return the defendant to the court’s custody.

Verification of Charges and Setting Bail Amount

The court determines the amount of the bail during a bail trial. The bail bondsman is responsible for verifying the nature of the charges as well as the amount and terms of the bail as determined by the court.

Bond Approval, Bond Writing, and Paperwork

Under Oklahoma bail bond law, the bail bondsman reserves the right to investigate any and all bail bonds cases presented to them. They can check the defendant’s background for any other outstanding arrest warrants, to see if they have skipped bail in the past, and to ensure that either the defendant or Indemnitor will have the funds to pay the bail bond fees. Once all of these stipulations are ascertained, the bail bondsman will write up the terms of the bond, ask the client to signify that they agree to the terms, and collect their dues, and then begin filing the paperwork to the court’s clerk.

Processing and Release from Jail

Unfortunately, bail bondsmen in Oklahoma have no control over how long the processing of the paperwork takes, as that is done by the courts and it is dependant on how busy they are at any given time. However, once all of the official documents are accounted for within the court system, Oklahoma County Jail inmates are usually released within a timely manner, usually by the end of the same day.

Bail Bonds in Oklahoma

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