Investigative Background Screening Services:

At C & K Global Investigations and Bail Bonds, we offer a wide array of helpful Oklahoma background check services.  Whether you have a legitimate need to investigate someone’s criminal background history as his or her employer or simply want to verify a potential tenant’s eviction record, we have the background report for you!  Come see why so many other businesses and individuals trust their

These national background reports and other data can prove to be especially helpful to the following individuals and organisations:

  • Attorneys
  • Business Owners
  • Schools and Universities
  • Human Resource Executives
  • Landlords
  • Nonprofit Business & Community Organisations
  • Apartment Complex Owners & Managers
  • Hospitals
  • Sperm Donor Participants
  • Religious Organisations (i.e,, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, Temples, Etc.)
  • Sports Team Associations
  • Relief Organisations
  • Parents Who Hire Childcare Providers & Babysitters
  • Governmental Organisations & Entities
  • Others!

The vital benefits of utilizing these crucial credit reports, criminal background checks, and other databases are substantial, and they can provide enormous benefits, such as, but certainly not limited to, the following:

  • Increased Safety & Security
  • Verification of Authenticity & Accuracy
  • Fraud Prevention
  • Prevent Felonious/False Claims
  • Take A Proactive Approach & Remain In Control!

Indeed, people who work within businesses and other organizations should take some times to ask themselves some very important questions. Some of these important questions should definitely include . . .

  • What kind of national background check do I need to run on my staff before I hire them?
  • Could I accidentally be hiring a known child molester to babysit my children or coach my kids’ soccer games?
  • Did my job applicant really graduate from an accredited university, or is this just another fake diploma mill scheme?
  • Is my sperm donor actually a known rapist or murderer that could really hurt me?
  • Has my potential tenant previously gotten evicted from other apartment complexes and houses?
  • Has this potential physician, nurse or psychologist that our organization wishes to hire been involved in fraudulent activities?  Is he or she or indirectly liable for in Civil Monetary Penalties (CMPs)?
  • Does my job applicant have a really dangerous driving record that I need to know about?
  • Is our family blindly trusting our crucial medical care to potentially disciplined doctors?
  • My employee just got hurt on the job, but I think he or she may be faking it just to get workman’s compensation.  Has this person previously tried to scam other employers by faking an on-the-job injury?
  • These job applicants our business is looking to hire have very nice resumes, but did they really work at these places for the dates they stated?
  • Am I about to attend or have my child attend a school with a faculty of felons?

So, are you all ready to obtain your national criminal background check or other pre-employment verification information?  Our affordable, informative plans include the following:

  • Offender Profile Plus
  • Offender Profile Summary Package
  • County Criminal History Records (Felony/Misdemeanor)
  • Oklahoma State Search (OSBI)
  • Federal Criminal Database
  • National Criminal Database
  • Social Security Number Trace/Verification (Personal Identifier)
  • Employment Verification
  • Credit Check
  • Civil Search
  • Motor Vehicle Report
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Adverse/Pre-Adverse Letters
  • Education Verification
  • Fraud and Abuse Control (Healthcare Organizations)

Offender Profile Plus

Cost:  $17.95
This special deal we offer contains reports from the National Criminal Database, the Social Security Database, the Alias Name Search and a Federal Criminal Search.

Offender Profile Summary Package

Cost:  $15.95
When you select this elite package, you will get privileged access to the National Criminal Database, as well as the Social Security Search.  You will easily find access to approximately three hundred million records.  This information system contains records from states and counties that provide criminal information for felony and misdemeanor conviction records, throughout their respective states.  This background check also helps to identify residential movement, other names the people have used, as well as their employment history information.  We also have a social security number (SSN) database that verifies both the year and state in which each social security number was issued.  In addition, this database will also determine if someone is using a retired or faulty social security number, as well as one that was never issued at all.

County Criminal History Records (Felony/Misdemeanor)*** 

Cost:  $10.00
C & K Global Investigations and Bail Bonds also proudly offers our consumers extremely extensive criminal research in every state and county throughout the United States of America!  It is extremely important to conduct both county criminal searches, in order to receive the most accurate information.  Statewide records are also available in some states.  All of these reports are strictly comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).  Of course, law enforcement agencies (i.e. police, FBI, CIA, state troopers, etc.) are the ONLY agencies authorised to conduct national criminal searches.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) Search:

Cost:  $18.00
This is a statewide criminal background investigation check, which is readily obtained from the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI).  This search includes the “states stamps”.  Several types of agencies, such as health care providers and daycares, are required to keep these types of stamps, so that they are in compliance with state laws.

Federal Criminal Database:

Cost:  $3.00
This critical database lists only federal offenses, such as financial malfeasance, distributing drugs within 100 feet of a school, kidnapping, bank robbery, etc.  It does not list municipal, county nor crimes against individual states.  However, knowing a person’s federal offenses can come in extremely useful, as these types of records are not always readily available on county databases.

National Criminal Database:***

Cost:  $10.00
This National Criminal Database contains almost three hundred million records, from states and counties that diligently provide criminal information on a statewide level for felony and misdemeanor conviction records.  The Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that the court of record must independently verify each “hit”, in order to properly determine that the person being checked is the person who was actually convicted  In addition, it includes the 50-State Sex Offender Registries, along with accompanying  photographs, and Department of Corrections information.

Social Security Number Trace/Verification (Personal Identifier):***

Cost:  $3.00
This special trace identifies an individual’s residential movement, other names and aliases he or she has previously used , as well as his or her employment history.  We also have a social security number (SSN) database that verifies each such number’s state and year of issuance.  This special database will also specify whether or not a social security number has been retired, is faulty, or was never issued in the first place.

Employment Verification:

Cost: $25.00 Per Verification
Our trained professionals perform strictly confidential, thorough, and detailed verifications. Specific kinds of data submitted by the applicant includes dates he or she was employed, complete work histories, as well as that person’s position, salary, and reason for leaving each place of work. All of the information you will receive is provided to you in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Credit Check:

Cost:  $8.00
This report contains a vital credit report from one of the three national credit bureau.  This special service includes access to public records, collection accounts, current or previously delinquent accounts, as well as a person’s total indebtedness.  This important credit check is strictly for employment purposes only, and it requires a signed written release from the applicant.

Civil Search:

Cost:  $10.00
This informational search is available in every state and county throughout the United States.  The civil records search will check an individual for any civil cases in a given county or state, where available.  The search includes both defendant and plaintiff indexes, and it shall contain such important filings such as bankruptcies, tax liens, suits, or adverse judgments.

Motor Vehicle Report:***

Cost: $2.50 Plus State Fee
Motor Vehicle Reports (MVRs) are readily available from all states and the District of Columbia.  Records reflect 3 to 7 years of driving history, including personal data, driver restrictions, type of driving licenses, as well as driving offenses.  In many states, violations of drug and alcohol laws remain on file and become a permanent part of the person’s driving record.

Workers’ Compensation:

Cost:  $3.00
Workers’ Compensation claim records are easily available at the state level from 44 out of 50 states.  These special records include a full claim history, related case numbers, claim dates/duration, injury date(s), the disposition of all claims, and also note the employer of record at the time of the incident(s) occurred.

Adverse/Pre-Adverse Letters:

Cost:  Free!
With this great tool, our beloved clients can quickly and easily prepare and send all Pre-Adverse and Adverse Letters on their own behalves, in strict accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Education Verification:

Cost: $25.00 Per Three Verifications
This delightful service offers a comprehensive education review that verifies a person’s academic history, his or her dates of attendance, the main field of study, degree(s) obtained, as well as the individual’s grade point average (GPA), if available.  This is all done in accordance with the policies of the respective institutions.  Over 15,000 schools offer these records of advanced education and training, and they can help you verify potentially false and fraudulent education claims, while also verifying true and correct ones.

Professional License & Certification Verification:

Cost: $25.00 Per Three Verifications + 3rd Party Fee
Professional license and good standing verification reports remain easily accessible at the state level from every state, the District of Columbia, as well as U.S. possessions.  The applicant merely needs to to supply the license number.  The state then independently verifies the type of license, the date it was issued, the date it expired or will expire, as well as the licensee’s current standing/status.

Fraud and Abuse Control (Healthcare Organizations):

Cost:  $2.00
This special program draws specific useful information from more than eight hundred different sources.  It readily identifies medical personnel whose past behaviors would cause your business entity to find itself excluded from partaking in federal health care programs and their subsequent reimbursement. It also helps to identify excluded providers (i.e., individuals and entities) that were indirectly involved in patient care and are thus subject to Civil Monetary Penalties (CMPs).  In addition, it identifies specific (once again, individuals and entities) whom state agencies have reported as the subject(s) of adverse actions.  By helping to quickly and accurately identify sanctioned individuals and entities within the health care field, this service tremendously reduces your organization’s risk of government sanctions and/or civil monetary damage awards from civil liability suits.

C&K Global proudly accepts the following forms of payment for Oklahoma Background Check

  • Cash*
  • Business/Governmental Check*
  • Cashier’s Check*
  • Personal Check*
  • Money Order*
  • Check Fax
  • Paypal

*These are our preferred methods of payment, as these methods help us to keep costs down and keep our fees low. You can mail these forms of payment directly to our corporate office, or you can simply give them to us in person.

*  Access Fees may apply.

**   Governmental laws require that all data must be confirmed with the originating source, per the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

In order to adequately comply with the FCRA, additional charges may also apply.

*** We definitely consider these four services to be “best practices”.  As such, we  highly recommend that they absolutely be the backbone of any professional, comprehensive background screening process. 

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