What is an Oklahoma polygraph examiner?

An Oklahoma polygraph examiner is a lie detection professional who is trained and licensed to help determine whether or not people are lying or telling the truth.  Polygraph examiners OKC combine their training and experience with a polygraph device to help them make their expert determination.  Oklahoma polygraph examiners are indeed considered lie detection experts.

Who licenses Oklahoma polygraph examiners?

The Oklahoma Board of Polygraph Examiners licenses all polygraph examiners in Oklahoma.  All Oklahoma City polygraph examiners must first obtain the approval of the board.

What kind of training does an Oklahoma polygraph examiner have to have?

In order to become licensed in the state of Oklahoma, a polygraph examiner has to undergo extensive training at an accredited polygraph examiner school.  The American Polygraph Association (APA) generally accredits these professional polygraph examiner schools and lists their requirements. Generally speaking, all Oklahoma City polygraph examiners undergo about ten to twelve weeks of comprehensive, in-person instruction in deception detection and related fields.  In addition, new candidates must complete an internship as a polygraph examiner, and this is performed under the direct guidance and direction of a licensed Oklahoma polygraph examiner and lasts for about six months.  Additional requirements for those wanting to conduct polygraph examinations for sex offender cases tend to exist with some differences across various states.

How does an Oklahoma polygraph examiner conduct a polygraph examination?

  • An Oklahoma City polygraph examiner usually begins the process by asking the person some general and specific questions about the case.  This often helps the Oklahoma polygraph examiner get a better feel for what more specific, relevant questions he or she needs to ask the person who is undergoing the examination.
  • From there, the Oklahoma polygraph examiner has the individual sit down in a chair and face the other direction, while he or she gets certain devices that are designed to measure bodily functions such as breathing rates and heart rates are attached to the person’s body.
  • The licensed polygraph examiner then gets a baseline of these rates and patterns, so as to know what usually happens when no deception is taking place.  The polygraph examiner OKC might very well ask specific, easy questions such as, “Is your name [insert the person’s real name here]” or “Are you ____ years old?” for this process.
  • Oklahoma polygraph examiners then begin to ask their questions which seek out very specific information from the individual.  These are usually close-ended questions with only, “No” and, “Yes” as the two possible answers.
  • Some polygraph examiners might even sit or stand in front of the individual while asking the targeted questions, so as to more accurately gauge whether his or her body is showing any other visible signs of deceptions such as body language.  A licensed polygraph examiner Oklahoma City may also choose to videotape all the polygraph examination.
  • If the Oklahoma polygraph examiner does not yet feel comfortable with his or her findings, then he or she may ask additional follow-up questions or may ask some of the same questions again.  Once the Oklahoma City polygraph examiners feel confident with their results, they conclude the polygraph examination and share the results of the polygraph examination with his or her clients.
  • The polygraph examiner also works up a special and more formal report of his or her findings, which he or she then gives to the clients.

Oklahoma polygraph examiners can vary up the routine a bit, depending upon what they are used to and what the requirements for the polygraph examination are.  Generally speaking though, this is the general routine for most Oklahoma City polygraph examiners.

What kinds of backgrounds do the licensed Oklahoma polygraph examiners that work C & K Global Investigations And Bail Bonds have?

Our Oklahoma City polygraph examiners come from a wide array of backgrounds.  Some of our Oklahoma polygraph examiners have previously worked for various law enforcement agencies.  Others have advanced degrees in fields such as psychology, sociology, criminal justice, etc.  All of them have trained at accredited polygraph schools, and they are licensed by the Oklahoma Board of Polygraph Examiners.

Where is the Oklahoma Board of Polygraph Examiners located at?

The Oklahoma Board of Polygraph Examiners is located at 2401 Egypt Road, Ada, Oklahoma 74820.  You can see it on Google Maps here.

What are the laws that require all Oklahoma polygraph examiners to become licensed?

As noted on the council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) website here, the law reads as follows: Oklahoma Board of Polygraph Examiners 1457 – License Required It shall be unlawful for any person, including a city, county or state employee, to administer polygraph or other examinations utilizing instrumentation for the purpose of detecting deception or verifying truth of statements or to attempt to hold himself out as a polygraph examiner or to refer to himself by any other title which would indicate or which is intended to indicate or calculated to mislead members of the public into believing that he is qualified to apply instrumentation to detect deception or to verify truth of statements without first securing a license as herein provided.

What are the minimum qualifications for all Oklahoma polygraph examiners?

Minimum Qualifications for Registration as Polygraph Examiner:
1. At least twenty-one (21) years of age.
2. Citizen of the United States
3. Be a person of honesty, truthfulness, integrity, and moral fitness.
4. Never have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude.
5. Hold a baccalaureate degree from a college or university accredited by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, or, in lieu thereof, be a graduate of an accredited high school and have five (5) consecutive years of active investigative experience or a character satisfactory to the Board.
6. Be a graduate of a polygraph examiners course approved by the Board and have satisfactorily completed not less than six (6) months of internship training, and
7. Have passed an examination conducted by and to the satisfaction of the Board, or under its supervision, to determine his competency to obtain a license to practice as an  examiner.

What types of things can I get a polygraph examination for?

So, you are ready to have your very own polygraph examination, eh? Well, you have come to the right place!  Our licensed polygraph examiners Oklahoma City can help you get the answers to critical questions such, but not limited to, the following:

  • Did my spouse cheat on me?
  • Did my son steal my money from my house?
  • Is my employee stealing drug samples from my office?
  • Did my boyfriend/husband molest my kids?

Do any of these sound like anything you have ever wondered?  Well, the chances are that you are not the only one! Come let our Oklahoma polygraph examiners help you discover the truth!  Please call one today at (405)920-8248.

Can my employer force me to take an Oklahoma polygraph examination, as a condition of my employment? Are polygraph examinations 100% effective?

No, polygraph examinations are not 100% error-free.  If they were, so many of life’s questions and answers would get a whole lot easier.  Alas, such is not the case.  Like most other professional areas, a polygraph examination is as good as the Oklahoma polygraph examiner who conducts it.  This is also true of about professional teachers who provide educations and police officers who help keep our streets safe.  The more effective they are at performing their jobs, the better the quality of education is and the safer the streets will be.  The same holds true for our wonderful Oklahoma City polygraph examiners.

Can someone pass a polygraph and still be lying?

Yes, it is possible for a skilled liar or sociopath to use such high levels of deception that our polygraph examiners mistakenly determine that he or she is not lying, when in fact that person has indeed been very deceptive.  Those who try to fool a skilled, trained Oklahoma City polygraph examiner usually fail in their attempts though, and it just makes them look much, much guiltier.  Each Oklahoma polygraph examiner is employed for a good reason.

Can a person fail a polygraph and have been telling the truth?

Once again, polygraph examinations are not 100% accurate.  It is possible for someone to have been telling the truth, when in fact a polygraph examiner has determined that he or she was lying.  However, this does not happen very often, as our OKC polygraph examiners are very skilled at what they do.

Do judges usually allow the results of polygraph examinations in courtrooms as evidence?

No polygraph examination is guaranteed as 100% accurate.  Thus, many judges do not allow them into the courtrooms.  However, witnesses can also be wrong, as can various types of DNA evidence, etc.  An polygraph examination OKC is often as outstanding as the Oklahoma polygraph examiner himself or herself.

I watched the television show called Lie to Me  with Dr. Cal Lightman (based off of Dr. Paul Eckman). Does your firm have deception experts working for it? Are the results of my Oklahoma polygraph examination strictly private?

For the most part, the results of your polygraph examination are as private or public as you choose to make them.  If, however, you ask us to conduct a polygraph examination about sexual offences against minors and we determine that you have likely done so, each Oklahoma City polygraph examiner is required by law to inform law enforcement officials.  Of course, if a case against you is already pending in the courts for this matter, then we will not need to do so.  Essentially, this just helps our Oklahoma City polygraph examiners comply with Oklahoma’s statutes about reporting crimes against children, and it protects our community as a whole. Another instance where an Oklahoma polygraph examiner would have to report the findings to law enforcement officials, is if the client made a statement like, “I am going to go kill or hurt _______.”  While this has never happened to us before, if a client said this to one of our Oklahoma City polygraph examiners and we believed that he or she would likely do so, we would have to report it.  Our OKC polygraph examiners ask all clients to kindly refrain from making any such statements.

If needed, will you testify on my behalf about the results of my Oklahoma polygraph examination?

Yes, for an additional fee our expert licensed polygraph examiners Oklahoma City will happily help testify on your behalf, if allowed to do so.  Our testimony might be accepted in a judicial proceeding, or it could be in an academic hearing at a university.

How much does it cost to hire an Oklahoma City polygraph examiner?

Our prices vary a little, depending on several factors.  Some cases require us to run more than one polygraph exam, while others are relative easy.  Oklahoma polygraph examinations which involve sexual offence questions often cost the most, as they require our licensed polygraph examiners Oklahoma City to undergo additional training.  Conducting the polygraph examinations for these types of cases also requires more time; hence the higher prices.  Please just call us for a free and easy quote at (405)920-8248 today!

Where does the polygraph examination actually take place at?

Our licensed polygraph examiners Oklahoma City conduct each polygraph within the safety, security and comfort of our private offices.  While there, our expert Oklahoma polygraph examiners will help you feel at home and at ease throughout the process. You can take the polygraph examination and have the results back the same day. If you prefer, our polygraph examiners Oklahoma City can also travel to you and your residence.  Our company charges an additional fee for this, depending upon where you want us to travel to.  Please just ask us for a price quote for our OKC polygraph examiners to travel to you.  You may easily reach us at (405)920-8248.

Do I have to pay for the polygraph examination in advance?  If so, why?

Yes, all of our Oklahoma polygraph examiners will require payment up front.  This is because you still have to pay us for performing the examination, even if you do not like the results.  Many people who come to us for assistance are completely innocent/telling the truth.  However, some of our clients do try to lie to and otherwise deceive our polygraph examiners OKC.

What methods of payment does C & K Global Investigations accept?

C & K Global Investigations And Bail Bonds gladly accepts cash, money orders and cashiers’ checks.  We will also take credit cards on occasion, though the companies charge us fees to use them and we prefer other payment methods instead.

Where is C & K Global Investigations And Bail Bonds located?

The professional Oklahoma City private investigation team is proudly located at 2519 S.W. 59th Street, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73119.

In which cities does C & K Global Investigations And Bail Bonds conduct polygraph examinations throughout Oklahoma?

Ada – Altus – Alva – Anadarko – Antlers – Apache – Ardmore – Atoka – Barnsdall – Bartlesville – Beaver – Beggs – Bethany – Bethel Acres – Bixby – Blackwell – Blanchard – Boise City – Bridgeport – Bristow – Broken Arrow – Broken Bow – Byng – Cache – Catoosa – Cedar Valley – Centrahoma – Chandler – Checotah – Cherokee – Chickasha – Choctaw – Choteau – Claremore – Cleveland – Clinton – Collinsville – Comanche – Commerce – Coweta – Crescent – Cushing – Davis – Del City – Dewey – Drumright – Duncan – Durant – Duke – Edmond – El Reno – Elgin – Elk City – Enid – Erick – Eucha – Eufaula – Fairfax – Fairview – Fort Gibson – Frederick – Fletcher – Garber – Geary – Glenpool – Goldsby – Grandfield – Grove – Guthrie – Guymon – Gotebo – Haileyville – Harrah – Hartshorne – Haskell – Healdton – Heavener – Hennessey – Henryetta – Hinton – Hobart – Holdenville – Hollis – Hominy – Hooker – Hugo – Idabel – Inola – Indiahoma – Indianola – Jay – Jenks – Jet – Jones – Kellyville – Kingfisher – Kingston – Konawa – Krebs – Langston – Lawton – Lexington – Lindsay – Locust Grove – Lone – Grove – Little – Madill – Mangum – Manniford – Marietta – Marlow – Maud – McAlester – McLoud – Medford – Miami – Midwest – City – Moore – Mounds – Muskogee – Mustang – New – Cordell – Newcastle – Newkirk – Nichols – Hills – Noble – Norman – Nowata – Oilton – Okarche – Okeene – Okemah – Oklahoma – City – Okmulgee – Oologah – Owasso – Panama – Pauls Valley – Pawhuska – Pawnee – Perkins – Perry – Picher – Piedmont – Pocola – Ponca City – Pond – Creek – Poteau – Prague – Pryor – Creek – Purcell – Quinton – Ringling – Roland – Rush Springs – Sallisaw – Salina – Sand Springs – Sapulpa – Sayre – Seiling – Seminole – Shawnee – Shidler – Skiatook – Slaughterville – Snyder – Spencer – Sperry – Stigler – Stillwater – Stillwell – Stratford – Stroud – Sulphur – Tahlequah – Talihina – Tecumseh – The – Village – Thomas – Tishomingo – Tonkawa – Tulsa – Tupelo – Tuttle – Union – City – Verdigris – Vian – Vinita – Wagoner – Walters – Warner – Warr Acres – Watonga – Waukomis – Waurika – Waynoka – Weatherford – Wetumka – Wewoka – Wilburton – Wilson – Woodward – Wynnewood – Yale – Yukon

C & K Global Investigations proudly performs polygraph examinations the following Oklahoma counties:

Adair – Alfalfa – Atoka – Beaver – Beckham – Blaine – Bryan – Caddo – Canadian – Cherokee – Choctaw – Cimarron – Cleveland – Coal – Comanche – Cotton – Craig – Creek – Custer – Delaware – Dewey – Ellis – Garfield – Garvin – Grady – Grant – Greer – Harmon – Harper – Haskell – Hughes – Jackson – Jefferson – Johnston – Kay – Kingfisher – Kiowa – Latimer – Le Flore – Lincoln – Logan – Love – Major – Marshall – Mayes – McClain – McCurtain – McIntosh – Murray – Muskogee – Noble – Nowatta – Okfuskee – Oklahoma – Okmulgee – Osage – Ottawa – Pawnee – Payne – Pittsburg – Pontotoc – Pottawatomie – Pushmataha – Roger – Mills – Rogers – Seminole – Sequoyah – Stephens – Texas – Tillman – Tulsa – Wagoner – Washington – Washita – Woods – Woodward

I am ready to schedule my Oklahoma polygraph examination.  What number should I call to make these arrangements?

When you are ready to meet with an OKC polygraph examiner, please call the amazing team at C & K Global Investigations And Bail Bonds at (405)920-8248.  You can reach Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, Mr. Kyle David Carter and the rest of the team to set up your appointment with a polygraph examiner OKC.