Polygraph Examinations

Man has searched for the perfect Lie Detector for centuries. The polygraph is the most commonly used in today’s word. The world polygraph means “many graphs.” This indicates that it generates several graphs at one time. The graphs are displayed on chart paper and analyzed by a polygraph examiner to form an opinion as to truthfulness or deception.

Here at FTL Bonding, we are the best providers in the state for Polygraph examination. We have several locations throughout the state, with both male and female examiners and in some cases, we can even offer instant results of the testing.

When it comes to this service, the most commonly asked questions are:

How accurate is a polygraph examination?

The examination will be 95 to 98% accurate. The polygraph is an investigative tool to aid investigators, attorneys or a client in resolving ongoing investigations or private issue.

Can the results be used in a court of law?

In criminal cases, the results can only be used if all parties involved sign a stipulation agreement prior to the examination. In civil cases, the results most likely will not be evidence. However, some civil court judges may allow the results depending on the case and the judges understanding of polygraph.

How long does a polygraph examination take?

As a general rule about two hours. The examiner will take as much time as needed to have good charts to form an opinion. Criminal cases can take much longer than the two hours.

Can someone beat the polygraph?

We would never say never, however it is very unlikely as the examiners have training to assure that their findings are accurate. From time to time an examination will be inconclusive. This means that the examiner can not form an opinion. There are a few people that can not be tested accurately by the polygraph. This in no way means that they are not being truthful. It very simply means that they can not be accurately tested by the instrument.

Can I give my husband, wife, boyfriend or girlfriend a polygraph test?

The answer is yes. As long as they agree to the testing. A polygraph examiner will not test anyone that indicates that they are being forced to take the test.


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