Skip tracing-Background checks service

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Skip tracing is performed by collecting information on the individual in question. All information recovered by the skip tracer is analyzed, verified, and used to determine the location of the individual. Skip tracing may involve gathering and analyzing a great deal of information or very little information, both of which have their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Although most skip tracers now head to the Internet to gather information on the whereabouts of individuals, many also employ social engineering, the art of calling on individuals who may have information about the subject.

It is the job of the skip tracer to use any number of resources and databases to collect the required information. As such, skip tracing often involves accessing the following:

  • Phone number databases
  • Credit reports
  • Credit card applications
  • Job applications
  • Criminal background checks
  • Loan applications
  • Utility bills
  • Public tax information
  • Public records databases
  • Courthouse records
  • Department store loyalty cards
  • Air travel records
  • Driver’s license/vehicle registration departments
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Background Search / Background Checks

Employment background checks are an important part of what we do. Our clients hire us to run background checks for Oklahoma employees before hiring them. That way, they can make sure that the potential hire is honest and reliable before putting him or her on the payroll. These services let employers weed out the risks and only hire assets. This actually helps them save money. Hiring and firing are expensive, and with our services, they find valuable employees that stick with the company.

When our investigators run Oklahoma background search, they find the person’s employment history, education, credit history, and court records. Our sweeps also bring up bankruptcies, liens, and other aspects of a person’s financial history.

When our check is complete, the employer has a helpful snapshot of what the person is like. By knowing the applicant’s criminal, employment, and financial histories, it is easy to make a hiring decision. This allows employers to proceed with confidence, knowing they are getting the best employee for the job.