How Being a Private Investigator in OKC and a Bail Bondsman in OKC Are Similar

How Being a Private Investigator in Oklahoma City and a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City Are Similar

For anyone who has ever served as a private investigator in OKC, he or she knows that it takes more than just getting licensed through the Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training (CLEET) to be any good. A private investigator OKC who is not thoroughly trained and properly educated in the field of Oklahoma private investigations will likewise not thrive in the field for very long. Inasmuch as the same way, a bail bondsman OKC who writes bail bonds OKC each day for a living must also know so much more than the meager training that the Oklahoma Bondsman Association (OBA) provides. But even in their different roles, a private investigator OKC and a bail bondsman OKC often perform many of the same tasks. Oklahoma Judicial Process Servers explores this in greater detail . . .

Private investigators Oklahoma City who conduct Oklahoma private investigations often face life-and-death threats from a variety of sources. This is why so many private investigators Oklahoma City choose to obtain the “armed” endorsement on their Oklahoma private investigator licenses. A private investigator OKC wants the ability to carry firearms and protect himself or herself, while the private investigator OKC performs his or her duties. So, what exactly are the duties of a private investigator Oklahoma City?

A talented private investigator OKC may perform surveillance, in order to find out if one spouse is cheating on another. Another duty that an Oklahoma private investigator might have is to perform surveillance on someone who might only be pretending to be hurt on the job. Oklahoma City private investigators might also do sweeps in buildings for bugs and devices, or the private investigators Oklahoma a might investigate missing children cases.

Whatever the task, Oklahoma private investigators often have to use skip tracing, must question/interview/observe witnesses, and usually have to take great measures to adequately conceal their identities as private investigators OKC. Sometimes the cases a private investigator OKC is investigating can turn extremely dangerous, and the private investigator Oklahoma City has to protect himself or herself.

A bail bondsman OKC is no stranger to danger and harm, either. A bail bondsman OKC who writes bail bonds OKC must also face numerous threats. Indeed, a bail bondsman OKC works with rapists, murderers, arsonists, bank robbers and all other kinds of criminals on a daily basis. When those accused criminals do not show up for court or forget to pay their bail bondsman OKC, then the bail bondsman OKC has to take them back to jail. What criminal does not want to go back to jail, eh?

The whole process with Oklahoma bail bonds implies that a bail bondsman OKC will have to track down his or her clients. Indeed, bail bonds OKC and the recovery of fugitive criminals often includes such recovery methods as . . .

  • Tracking criminals who have skipped out on bail bonds OKC by doing a skip trace on them
  • Interviewing, bribing, and coercing the defendants’ family members, friends and acquaintances into disclosing the defendants’ location
  • The bail bondsman OKC may install a tracking device on the defendants’ phone and monitor/track the defendants’ movements and whereabouts.
  • A bail bondsman OKC may use social media such as Facebook to track down defendants.
  • A bail bondsman OKC might utilize ankle monitors and other GPS devices.

The list of tactics that those who write bail bonds OKC use to try to get their fugitive clients back could go on for quite some time . . .

In addition to the aforementioned list, a bail bondsman OKC might have break down the door of the fugitive criminal who is hiding inside a house or apartment. The bail bondsman OKC might even have to shoot the runaway bail bonds OKC client with a taser or a firearm. If a fugitive is running away, he or she is not likely going to just want to come back to jail and stay there instead. Most criminals care little or nothing about the enormous amounts of bond money that their bail bondsmen OKC will have to repay to the state.

Both private investigators OKC and bail bondsmen OKC have very difficult jobs. Those writing bail bonds OKC and working as private investigators OKC must also track people down, investigate things, recover people and/or evidence, and more! Both fields can pay quite well though, if the bail bondsman Oklahoma City and the OKC private investigators do exceptional work! Either way, Oklahoma private investigators and those writing Oklahoma bail bonds often perform many similar tasks. Thus, many bail bondsmen OKC are dually licensed as private investigators Oklahoma City and vice versa.