What jurisdictions does your firm write bail bonds for?
AThe expert bondsmen at C&K Bail Bonds proudly write bail bonds for criminal defendants in municipal, county and state jurisdictions. We do not currently write bonds for criminal charges associated with federal cases.
How do I locate an Oklahoma bail bond agent?
AIf you are reading this, then you have already located the best Oklahoma bail bondsman for your needs. Whether you are sitting in jail in Oklahoma City, Moore, Norman, Edmond, Yukon, Mustang, Bethany, Piedmont, Midwest City, Lawton, Del City, Tulsa, Stillwater, Owasso, or elsewhere, our bail bondsmen are totally dedicated to their jobs. Please call us at (405) 65-0820. You can also reach Mr. Carter’s cell phone directly at (405) 517-1529. You may also e-mail us at Service@BailBondsAndInvestigations. Our corporate office is conveniently located at 2519 S.W. 59th Street in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73119.
It is late at night or a holiday, and I want you to get me out of jail. Will you write my Oklahoma bail bond?
AProvided you have adequately met our company’s requirements, an expert Oklahoma bondsman at our firm will be more than happy to get you out of jail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We also work holidays, as we know just how important it is to be at home with your family. You won’t find a better OKC bail bondsman anywhere!
How do I know if I am I eligible for an Oklahoma bail bond?
AIf you have been arrested, the judge will set your bail amount at your arraignment. He or she will determine you whether or not you are eligible for an Oklahoma bail bond. If so, the judge will then determine the amount for your bail bond.
What is bail?
AJudges in Oklahoma County and the state of Oklahoma will often set bail for defendants at their arraignment. This is a way to let defendants whom the police have charged with a crime have a chance at getting out of jail. That way they can work on their legal case, spend time with their families, and continue working at their places of employment. Judges can set bail amounts as little as one hundred dollars ($100) all the way up to one million dollars ($1,000,000) or more.
How does my family member or other loved obtain bail bonds OKC?
AIn order to “make bail”, a person must either post collateral or other assets with the city, state, or federal jurisdiction.  Often times defendants and their families do not have the full required amount, so they request the assistance of an OKC bail bondsman.  A good Oklahoma County bail bondsman can review you or your loved one’s entire situation.  Some of the factors your OKC bail bondsman might consider include, but are not limited to, the following:

The nature of the criminal offense

  • The number of criminal charges you have filed against you
  • The date on which the district attorney filed the charges
  • The location where the crimes occurred
  • Whether or not there are other pending cases against you in other jurisdictions
  • The amount of all bonds you are eligible for
  • Whether or not you have ever failed to appear for court
  • Whether or not you currently owe another bondsman in Canadian County, Oklahoma County, Cleveland County, or elsewhere any money
  • How much and what type of collateral, if any, you have to help secure you bond
  • The total amount of the premium and how much of that you are able to pay up from
  • How many co-signers you have to help secure your bond, if any
  • Your current status and general relationship you may have with previous or OKC bail bondsman
What standards or other requirements does C&K Bail Bonds have for bonding clients and for accepting co-signers?

In Order To Be Eligible For A Bail Bond, The Client Must:

  • Have at least ½ the premium, and preferably all of it.
  • Have a valid Oklahoma driver’s license or other form of state or USA governmental ID
  • We will not accept illegal immigrants without total collateral coverage, and they may be required to wear ankle monitors at the defendant’s expense.
  • We prefer that all clients have a valid SS# or other legal document showing their right to live and preferably work here in this country.
  • We must have a verifiable address via a utility bill, etc., that can prove where you currently live.
  • You must not have been returned to custody by another bondsman.
  • You may have no more than two failure to appear (FTA) charges against you.

Basic Standards For Co-signers:

  • You must have a valid USA or state governmental ID.
  • Your job type will be commensurate with the bond amounts.
  • You must have at least one year of continuous, verifiable employment.
  • You must present a valid utility bill from your current place of residence.
  • We must feel comfortable with both you and the defendant.  If we deem either of you to be a significant flight risk or just a really bad individual, we will not bond the defendant out nor accept you as a co-signer.  Thanks for understanding.
Once an Oklahoma bail bondsman posts my bail, how long will it take for me to be able to leave the jail?
AThe time requirements can vary by city and county. Criminal defendants in Oklahoma County can have a waiting period of 4-8 hours, once their Oklahoma City bail bondsman has posted their bail. In Woodward County, for example, a criminal defendant is often released from jail with very minimal waiting times, once bail is posted.
How do I know if I have a warrant out for my arrest?
AIf you have to ask yourself this question, then you probably have a warrant out for your arrest somewhere. If you are not sure, consider what it is you might have done to get a warrant issued for your arrest and where it is that you might have done it. If you are still unsure, please call C&K Bail Bonds for confirmation. Our Oklahoma bail bond agents will readily help you determine if you currently have a warrant out for your arrest in Oklahoma.
I have a warrant out for my arrest. What can I do about it?
AThis situation can be very unfortunate and is often frightening. Few people become happy about the prospect of going off to jail in front of their family, friends, colleagues, etc. Thus, Oklahoma’s judicial system has developed an expedited process for those who know they have a warrant out for their arrest to get through the process much more quickly. If you find yourself in this situation, please call an OKC bail bondsman at C&K Bail Bonds in OKC. Our wonderful Oklahoma City bail bondsman team will help you with the “walk-thru” process.
What is a walk-thru?
AA “walk-thru” is the expedited process for those who have criminal warrants out for their arrest and who want to try to immediately get out on an Oklahoma bail bond.  The following is a list of steps we take to help ensure a smooth transition for you in the legal process:

  • Contact an OKC bail bondsman at C&K Bail Bonds OKC.
  • We will set up your appointment with the Oklahoma County jail or other jurisdictional jail for the next possible business day.
  • You may meet us at our office or at the county jail, and we will accompany you to the jail.  In some jurisdictions, such as Cleveland County, criminal defendants merely appear before the court clerk briefly, instead of actually going to the jail itself.
  • While at the jail, the sheriff’s deputies will go ahead and fingerprint you and process all of your information.  We will then post your Oklahoma bail bond for you, so that the jail officials can immediately release you to our custody.  Once again, in judicial jurisdictions such as Cleveland County, the process is much simpler and you can get your Oklahoma bail bonds in front of the court clerk.
  • You and your OKC bail bondsman will then go to your arraignment hearing together at 1:30 pm CST.  The judge will confirm your bail bonds OKC amount, and you will then get to go free.
  • While in the courtroom, you will immediately receive a notice that tells you when your next court date is and where.
  • You then just need to be sure to call your OKC bail bondsman and to do as he or she instructs you.  You will also need to show up for all of your court dates on time and in appropriate clothing attire.  It is that simple, and we will work diligently with your attorney, if you have one, to coordinate everything!  
How much does it cost to get an Oklahoma bail bond?
AOur legal system in Oklahoma makes getting out of jail somewhat difficult. While it is true that a defendant might be able to get out on an attorney bond or personal recognizance, the cost of getting an OKC bail bondsman to post bail is an additional ten percent (10%) of the bond itself. Likewise, hiring an attorney, paying court costs, etc., even if acquitted can prove to be an enormous financial burden on most individuals and their families. Provided the defendant does not jump bond, there are seldom any other associated fees (i.e., recovery fees, the cost of the Oklahoma bail bond, etc.).
What is an attorney bond?
AAn attorney bond is when an attorney acts in place of an OKC bail bondsman. The lawyer essentially charges a fee to get the defendant out of jail, and then that attorney often assesses his or her client a fee. The defendant is then responsible for reporting to his or her attorney for any check-in times or other specified terms of the bond.
What are personal recognizance bonds?
AA personal recognizance bond is when a judge basically lets a criminal defendant out of jail on your personal character and reputation. This essentially requires a promise from the person on his or her honour that he or she will “be good” and show up for court on time. If a defendant breaks his or her word, then a judge will be less likely to let that individual out on his or her personal recognizance again. Getting bail bonds OKC then become much more difficult.
Do I get ever my bond premium back from C&K Bail Bonds OKC?
ANo, you never get your bond premium back from C&K Bail Bonds under any circumstances. Your OKC bail bondsman will keep that as the fee for being your jailer.
If my case lasts longer than a year, will I have to pay again?
AYes, if your case lasts longer than 365 days, you will have to pay your OKC bail bondsman the full amount of your bail bond premium once again. This is because your OKC bail bondsman will have to spend additional time and energy serving as your OKC bail bondsman. Indeed, some cases can last several years, and your OKC bail bondsman also has to eat and pay bills.
What happens to my bail bonds OKC and premium, if I am deported?
AIf a judge decides to deport you, then he or she will exonerate your Oklahoma bail bond. You will not receive a refund on your premium. Thus, please make sure that you carefully check for any immigration/ICE holds before seeking an OKC bail bondsman to set your Oklahoma bail bond.
I am not in this country legally. Will your OKC bail bondsman write any Oklahoma bail bonds for me?
AWe generally do not write bail bonds in Oklahoma for those who do not have any kind of legal status in the United States. Writing an Oklahoma bail bond for you would be very risky. What would stop a person from getting out of jail and then immediately skipping bond to avoid prosecution? Your OKC bail bondsman would suffer if you skip, and he or she will only try to write the safest possible bonds. We sometimes make exceptions, however, if the defendant’s bail bond is one hundred percent (100%) secured with collateral, though we might require an ankle monitor at the defendant’s own cost.
I am in this country on a tourist visa but have no social security number. Will your OKC bail bondsman write me an Oklahoma bail bond?
ANo. Your OKC bail bondsman will not want to have to repay the bond amount to the state. If you are not eligible to work in the United States, then paying for your Oklahoma bail bond will be much more difficult. Even so, what is to keep a defendant like this from skipping bond? Leaving the country to avoid prosecution is likely in this case, and it will be hard to find an OKC bail bondsman who will want to write your Oklahoma bail bonds.
What kind of collateral do you accept toward my Oklahoma bail bond?
AC&K Bail Bonds in OKC proudly accepts the following forms of payment:

  • CASH including cashier’s checks, money orders and certified checks
  • Properly assigned SAVINGS ACCOUNTS represented by passbooks, or properly assigned CERTIFICATES OF DEPOSIT
  • Approved and properly assigned STOCKS AND BONDS
  • REAL ESTATE evidenced by properly executed mortgages, deeds of trust or confessions of judgment in favor of American Surety Company in accordance with applicable state law.
What happens if I skip out on my Oklahoma bail bonds?
AJumping your bail bonds OKC is a horrible thing to do. In the state of Oklahoma, skipping bail is a felony charge and will lead to additional jail time, costs, and will make it less likely that a judge or jury will believe you when you face your other criminal charges. In addition, criminal defendants in Oklahoma who jump bond often find it to locate an OKC bail bondsman who will write them an Oklahoma bail bond, if the judge even allows it.
What happens once I bond out of jail?
AYour OKC bail bondsman will likely have certain requirements for you.  These are referred to as your conditions of release.  They may include certain things which include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Where you may and may not travel
  • Certain times you must call and check in
  • Specified day(s) of the week when you must check in with your bail bondsman
  • Ensuring that you are responsible for yourself and show up for court on time without fail
  • Staying out of additional criminal or other legal trouble
  • Wearing an ankle monitor, if required
  • Paying your OKC bail bondsman on time and in the manner agreed upon
Under which circumstances might I be required to wear an ankle monitor while out on bond?
AA bail bondsman in Oklahoma City at our firm might require a defendant to wear an ankle monitor if he or she considers that person to be a great flight risk. Making a bail bond OKC can be very risky, so if a defendant has a lot of failure to appear charges, has a high bond amount with little or no collateral, or who has been returned to custody by another an OKC bail bondsman, then that person might have to wear an ankle monitor. There is a daily fee for the wearing of the monitor that the defendant must pay to the OKC bail bondsman.
How often and when do I need to check in/call in with my OKC bail bondsman?
AYour bail bondsman will have you check in every Monday.
Why does it take such a long time to bond out of the Oklahoma County Jail?
AThe Oklahoma County Jail is one of the worst in the nation. It is highly underfunded and understaffed. At the same time, any inmate there can attest to just how overcrowded it is. Inmates who are in the Oklahoma County Jail can expect to wait approximately 4-8 hours after the OKC Bail Bondsman posts the bond. Given that this jail has so many inmates and so few staff, among other reasons, it takes much longer than usual to actually bond out of it after the OKC bail bondsman writes the Oklahoma bail bond.
What happens to my bail bondsman if I skip bail and he cannot return me to custody within ninety (90) days?
AThis is a terrible thing to try to do to your OKC bail bondsman, and it will mean that he or she will have to repay the entire amount of your bail bonds OKC to the state of Oklahoma. However, if you screw your bail bondsman in Oklahoma City over, then he or she will come after all of your assets, your co-signers’ money and property, etc. Plus, you will now have a felony on your record, you will be broke, and your co-signers will likely despise you for having stuck them with your bill. If you ever do manage to become eligible for Oklahoma bail bonds again, no bail bondsman in Oklahoma with any common sense will want to get you out. Once again, this is a very, very bad idea; we hardly recommend skipping out on your OKC bail bond.