Drunk Driving And Domestic Abuse Cases Increase During The Holidays

The holidays provide an opportunity to get together with friends and loved ones to spend precious time with one another. However, it’s also a time when alcohol consumption rises significantly. Alcohol Monitoring Systems observed 360,000 people at high risk for drunk driving, and it revealed that, during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday seasons, violations increased […]

What Happens if I Post Bail for Someone and They Flee?

If you’ve posted bail for someone, you’ve just signed a lawful contract guaranteeing the individual, known as the defendant will appear on the scheduled court date. If they fail to appear in court, you will be held liable for the bail amount. If the cause for not showing is unintentional due to situations like an[…..]

Bail Bonds 101 : How Does a Bail Bonds Company Work?

If you have been arrested and find yourself in jail, one option available to you is to ask for a bail bond. Bail bonds allow you to put up 10 percent of your overall bail in exchange for your freedom. In some cases, you can arrange for a bond before you get to jail, which[…..]

Fugitive Recovery and Bounty Hunter as a Career Path

Fugitive Recovery and Bounty Hunter as a Career Path

While most people have a vague idea of what bounty hunters do, their specific duties and responsibilities are often a mystery. Bounty hunters are fugitive recovery agents for bail bonds and are given the responsibility to safely apprehend criminal fugitives who have posted bail, but have failed to appear in court. Most bounty hunters are[…..]