Top 5 Common Myths about Bail Bonds

bail bonds mythsOver the years, many myths and misconceptions have been floating around about what bail bondsmen actually can and cannot do as part of their job description. Before embarking on a quest to find a suitable bail bondsman for your case, it is important that those bail bonds myths are debunked and you have a full understanding of the abilities and limitations of the profession.

5 Common Bail Bonds Myths

Here are five common bail bonds myths that are simply not true:

Bail Bonds Agents Only Accept Cash Payments

In this day and age of credit cards and electronic payments, it would be absolutely ludicrous for bail bonds agents to only accept cash payments, especially since some of the sums owed are upwards of thousands of dollars. While the acceptable payment methods may vary from one company to another, or even one legal jurisdiction to another, most bail bonds agents will be more than happy to accept cash, credit cards, checks, and in some cases, money orders. You can even put up collateral to pay your bond.

Bondsmen Can Negotiate Bail Amounts with the Courts

Bail bonds agents do not have the authority to negotiate bond amounts. The court sets the bond amount to be paid based on the following stipulations: the nature of the charge, the defendant’s past record, the likelihood that the defendant will or will not adhere to their set court dates, and whether the defendant poses a threat to the public. In some cases, the judge may change their mind and reset the bond amount, but they are the only ones who have the authority to do so.

Only Family Members Can Bail Out Individuals

This is not true. Anyone who is legally considered a legal adult (18 years old and older) and has the means to post bail can do so. However, that person is also now responsible for ensuring that the defendant appears at all of their court dates on time. If the defendant fails to comply, then the person who posted the bail must forfeit their funds as they cannot be refunded.

You Do Not Have to Return to Court after Being Bailed Out

Actually, the opposite is true. The whole point of hiring a bail bonds agent is so that the defendant can continue their trial without serving any jail time throughout the proceedings. However, they must comply with all of the strict rules and regulations that are set for them to follow in their specific case. If they fail to do so, then there will be severe consequences and a warrant for their immediate arrest will be issued.

Bail Bondsmen Are Also Bounty Hunters

This is by far one of the greatest myths about bail bondsmen. They are not bounty hunters; they are clerical workers whose job it is to ensure the defendant does not have to serve any unnecessary jail time during the proceedings of their trial. However, bail bondsmen may sometimes hire bounty hunters to locate and retrieve defendants who try to skip their scheduled hearings in order to escape impending jail time.

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