Using Social Media Helps Bail Bondsman in OKC Find & Capture Runaway Fugitive

Jonathan “Joey” Arjona was a young fugitive on the run.  Wanted by court officials in Oklahoma County for leaving the scene of an accident where someone was injured, Mr. Arjona also failed to show up for his scheduled court date.  FTL Bonding was particularly upset by the defendant’s blatant disregard for his missed court appearances.  Likewise, his co-signer had signed for his bail bond and was about to get sued by Mr. Arjona’s bail bondsman.  Neither Dr. Keefe nor Angela wanted to fork over $3,000 to the state of Oklahoma, so collaboration and trickery became key.

Initially, the co-signer had given FTL Bonding the information as to where Mr. Arjona was staying.  The co-signer had hoped that the matter could get closed out easily, and that the bail bondsman could capture Mr. Arjona rather quickly. However, when our bail bondsman arrived at the location to look for him, Mr. Arjona was already on his bicycle.  Mr. Arjona had a heavyset friend riding on the back of the bicycle.  Both Mr. Arjona and his friend took off down the road as fast as they could pedal.

Our Bail Bondsman immediately began pursuing Mr. Arjona in his car.

Mr. Arjona continued to run with his friend down the road, eventually quickly letting him off of the bicycle. Our bondsman was eventually unable to pursue with his car, so he had to make chase on foot.

Future efforts to recapture Mr. Arjona proved to be unsuccessful that night, as his family and friends were hiding him from his bail bondsman.  They claimed they, “. . . did not know his whereabouts,” but family photos would later prove otherwise.  His bail bondsman even tried offering monetary rewards to his family and friends, but even they did not want the money in lieu of giving Mr. Arjona up.  However, Mr. Arjona’s bail bondsman was not nearly so ready to give up pursuing his client, Mr. Arjona.

Mr. Arjona’s bail bondsman had immediately placed Mr. Arjona onto the National Criminal Information Center, also known as NCIC.  This meant that if the police ever stopped Mr. Arjona for any reason, that they would bring him back to the Oklahoma County Jail for skipping out on his Oklahoma City bail bond.  Police near and far would now not let Mr. Arjona go, if they happened to stop him.  Unfortunately, Mr. Arjona’s bail bondsman still did not find immediate results in finding Mr. Arjona.

Over the course of several months, the bail bonds team tracked Mr. Arjona all over the town.  Visits to houses included various members of his family, and his bail bondsman also posted Mr. Arjona’s photo on Facebook and other social media sites.

Thereafter, an individual added Mr. Arjona as a friend on Facebook, and she eventually set up a sting operation to get the fugitive brought back in. The bail bondsman had set the trap!

Once Mr. Arjona finally disclosed his location to the individual whom he thought was a pretty girl from his high school, the two met at a location to buy a car he had advertised as being for sale on Facebook.  When Mr. Arjona appeared to meet her, the FTL Bonding team was ready!  Mr. Arjona tried in vain to run away, making a last attempt to flee and avoid jail once more.  However, this bail bond client was headed nowhere but back to jail.

The moral of the story

The moral of the story here is that a bail bonds client should never try to screw his bail bondsman over.  Not only will a bail bondsman likely find wayward fugitive defendants, but it then makes it all the less likely that any other bail bondsman in OKC will ever want to write bail bonds in OKC for that person again.  If a defendant runs on one bail bondsman, then why should another one post bail bonds for him or her?  The county can even file felony bail bond jumping charges on runaway defendants, should they skip out on their bail bonds.  Unfortunately for him, Mr. Jonathan Arjona seems to have learned these lessons about jumping bail the hard way.